Electronics Development Corporation is a small, innovative product development company based in Columbia, Maryland, USA.

EDC was founded in 1985 by a small group of dedicated engineers from a leading defense laboratory, and retains senior technical staff with many years experience in RF/microwave design, wireless communications, smart sensors, and embedded controllers. Although we still perform defense work, we have applied our expertise to a broad range of consumer and industrial products.

EDC is dedicated to the development of creative, cost-effective products for consumers, industry, and government. Creative development includes identifying customers’ needs, inventing creative products to meet those needs, and making a quality product available at a reasonable price.

When appropriate, EDC will manufacture the product but usually seeks strategic alliances with marketing and manufacturing firms to distribute the products.

The EDC team is a multidisciplinary group of experienced engineers who all have experience bringing products to market. Senior team members include:

Robert Johnson, Chairman and CEO
Education – B.S. in mechanical engineering, University of Tennessee
Expertise – smart sensors (esp. accelerometers), sensor networking, embedded Ethernet/Internet controllers, mechanical design, rugged packaging for harsh environments

Telly Manolatos, President
Education – B.S. in electrical engineering, George Washington University,
and M.S. in electrical engineering, Stanford University
Expertise – proximity sensors, RF and microwave systems and equipment, signal processing

Ray Baker, Senior Engineer
Education – B.S. in electrical engineering, Villanova University
Expertise – test equipment design, production processes, quality assurance

Louis Born, Senior Engineer
Education – B.S. in electrical engineering, Johns Hopkins University, and M.S. in electrical engineering, Johns Hopkins University
Expertise – analog and digital circuit design, embedded controller design, test equipment design

John Gautz, Senior Engineer
Education – B.S. in electrical engineering, University of Maryland
Expertise – communications systems, wireless data links, proximity sensors, rf/microwave design, analog circuit design

Ron Smith, Senior Engineer
Education – B.S. in electrical engineering, University of Akron
Expertise – network communications, real-time operating systems, embedded controllers, web devices

Mike Ward, Senior Engineer
Education – B.S. in mechanical engineering, Univ. of Maryland (Baltimore County)
Expertise – mechanical design, rugged packaging, production techniques and processes, manufacturing planning

EDC occupies a modern 16,000 sq. ft. facility in Columbia, Maryland. Our facility is equipped to support a broad range of electronic and mechanical technologies.

A fully equipped electronics laboratory allows us to evaluate electronics circuitry from DC to over 10 Ghz. Standard instruments include oscilloscopes, function generators, spectrum analyzers, and network analyzers. A small anechoic chamber is used to evaluate RF/microwave systems. In addition, development systems are available for embedded microcontroller development for Microchip and Motorola products.

In-house electronic fabrication resources include a wire bonder, vapor phase reflow soldering equipment, and a vapor PWB cleaner. Potting and encapsulation facilities include cold storage for premixed polymers, a high vacuum potting chamber, and curing ovens.

A mechanical laboratory is equipped with a temperature chambers, and shaker, spinner, and a drop impact tester allowing us to perform environmental testing.

An in-house machine shop is also available to make mechanical piece parts for small prototype runs and for fabricating custom hardware for test equipment, test fixtures, and enclosures.


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