EDC can support both investors and companies looking for funding. Our broad range of technical skills allows us to evaluate the feasibility of the technical approach proposed in a business plan and assist in the development or the evaluation of a plan.

Areas of assistance include:

Business Plan Support

An important aspect of any business plan is the credibility of the technical approach. EDC can evaluate or even generate the portion of the plan that describes the technical approach. We will provide rationale and justification for the approach selected, including alternate approaches, tradeoff studies, risk analysis, and estimates for the cost of development and production.

Support or Participate in Due Diligence

EDC can provide assistance to investors who require an independent evaluation of a product concept. Our broad technical background allows us to evaluate a particular approach, identify alternatives, assess risk and determine cost realism.

Patent Support

The rights for any new patentable ideas developed under contract to a client will be transferred to the client. EDC can assist in preparing and evaluating the patent application.

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