Production Data Package
EDC will provide the client with a complete data package that can be used to obtain manufacturing quotes and secure the actual production of the product. EDC will also archive the information.

Elements of the data package can include:
Drawings, PWB layouts, software listings and schematics that describe the product design.
Test procedures that describe the required testing, including a Qualification Test Plan that will be used to verify the performance and quality of the manufacturer's deliverable product.
A description of key processes and their implementation.

Selection of Production Source
EDC will assist in the selection of the production source for the product, including completing such tasks as:
Identifying potential sources -- we have ties with both foreign and domestic manufacturers.
Preparing a request for quotation package.
Conducting onsite surveys to verify the capabilities of a potential source with respect to the product requirements.
Assisting in the evaluation of proposals and determining cost credibility.

Technical Support to Production Source
After the client selects a manufacturer, EDC will work with the manufacturer to begin production and support it throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Tasks may involve:
Assisting in the planning of the production line.
Assisting in selecting and/or designing product-specific equipment and fixtures.
Troubleshooting failures during production testing.
Determining root cause of failures for returned product.
Performing periodic quality surveys.

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